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Land Holdings

Recognizing the future value in undeveloped land has always been a strong point of Grossman Company Properties. Over the past 30 years, Grossman Company Properties has amassed several thousand acres, and sought permits for various uses, to allow for low cost incubation until development or disposition is appropriate.

Daniel’s Creek

Boise, Idaho

Located 10 miles directly north of downtown Boise, Daniel’s Creek consists of 4,050 acres of prime foothills land.  This picturesque property includes expansive, varied terrain and lush creek side pastures with great potential to become one of Boise’s premier residential addresses.

Middleton Ranch

Boise, Idaho

Located 25 miles northwest of downtown Boise, Middleton Ranch is a very desirable 160-acre parcel in one of Southwest Idaho’s biggest growth areas with views of “The Boise Ridge” (Bogus Basin), Squaw Butte, and the Owyhee Mountains.  Middletown Ranch, with its prime location, is slated for development of 2.5-acre residential lots as the area continues to grow.

PJC Ranch

Phoenix, Arizona

PJC Ranch, located 35 miles southwest of Phoenix, was purchased by Grossman in the 1970s and for several decades produced cotton and jojoba crops. This 880-acre site was eventually sold for commercial and residential development.

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Land Holdings

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